Sunday, March 6, 2016

New construction

People continue to purchase houses in Old Town so they can tear them down and build something else on the property. Last fall, a small house near the intersection of College Street and 4th Street was torn down to build a house that was recently finished (top) and a house near the intersection of 5th and Ash Streets was recently torn down to build a house that is currently under construction (bottom).

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  1. Ellen: You need to check your facts before you make comments about any of our projects. The home that you are describing as being torn down at 407 E. 5th Street is actually being rebuilt and repaired to match the configuration of the original home. We began remodeling this home and as the layers of wood were exposed it was discovered that termites and rot had done extensive damage to the existing structure. The roof structure was grossly deteriorated and the cost to repair the roof system far exceed the cost to simply replace it. We have salvaged a fair amount of the original building materials and will be reusing them in the updated structure. Additionally, all of this work was done after presenting the project to HARC for design acceptance and after receiving a building permit from the city. We work very hard to make sure that we have done everything in our power to preserve these homes and I believe that we have an exemplary record of preservation and restoration. So, please be thoughtful before you make a blanket statement of condemnation. J. Bryant Boyd, AIA