Friday, July 17, 2009

602 E. 8th St.

I wish I had a BEFORE picture of this house, because it was one of those houses that was in such bad shape, I would never dream of buying it. But someone did, and the transformation taking place is amazing. The first thing they did was clear out all the brush that was hiding house. Now you can actually see what it looks like! It has been repainted, and is now being remodeled inside. My neighbor, Paul, is helping with the renovations. This house is located just behind the big white Victorian house that was discussed in an earlier post.

The Old Sherman Hotel

Last week my husband and I went to the ribbon cutting for the newly remodeled Old Sherman Hotel at 1008 S. Main St. Cliff Hardesty and his company, ComProp Investments, did a great job on this remodel. This property used to be a huge eyesore in Old Town and now it is a beautiful commercial property just waiting for some new tenants. The building was originally built in 1924.