Monday, September 7, 2009

Good idea or bad?

Residents of Main Street are divided on whether these "bulb-outs," which were added as part of a recent repaving project, are a good idea or a bad one. Those who favor the cement planting areas hope they will slow traffic on the street. Those who oppose them say they will create hazards for drivers as well as require water that the city cannot spare.

Church Street remodel

This former bungalow house in the 1800 block of Church Street has been stripped down to its frame. The fact the the roof framing was also removed seems to indicate that it is being remodeled to have a second story. We'll keep following it.

404 E. 9th St.

This is the house behind mine. It used to be a rental property, but the owner has made some improvements to it and is now trying to selling it. I hope I get some good new neighbors!

Update - 308 E. University

Workers have already framed the second story for the new house at 308 E. University. It appears that the owners are rebuilding the house to look like it originally did before it burned down.