Monday, January 31, 2011

Demolition by Neglect

This house at 707 E. 13th St. has been an eyesore to neighbors for 15 years. What is particularly sad is the fact that the owner lives in Georgetown but has not bothered to visit the property for five years. So when he applied to HARC for permission to demolish the house, HARC denied the request due to the fact that the it was an obvious case of demolition by neglect. Unfortunately, the owner will eventually get to demolish it - all he has to do is wait 175 days and then HARC has to approve his request for demolition. Under a proposal now before City Council, property owners who are guilty of demolition by neglect would have to wait a year before they are allowed to tear down houses in Old Town. Photos of two houses just around the corner from this house show what it might look like if it had been properly maintained.

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