Thursday, September 30, 2010

Georgetown's Historian

I finally got the chance today to meet Ralph Love, who is Georgetown's unofficial historian. Mr. Love's great uncle was David Love, who was one of Georgetown's early businessmen. Two buildings on the square are named after him. Mr. Love works part-time at the Georgetown Library and helps residents who have questions about local history and geneology. I was hoping he might be able to find an old photo of my house or some information on the first owner. He wasn't able to find anything right away, but he promised to do some research for me. While I was looking at the albums of old photos the library has, I took a picture of the old train depot that used to be located near Southwestern (where the feed store is now). Mr. Love said in the 1920s, trains used to arrive at this depot with orphans who were up for adoption and people would come pick out children they wanted. The depot was unfortunately torn down in the 1970s.

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